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Delicate Shells

In the stillness of winter, we are dreaming of new life. Our new editorial is inspired by the simple beauty of eggshells in all variations, symbolising the universe and the mystery of creation.

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Our Gift Guide For Christmas

Each gift has been carefully chosen, is limited in nature, and the antipode of fast consumption. And it follows at least two of Lissome’s sustainability guidelines: high-quality, local manufacturing, fair working conditions, sustainable and healthy materials, eco-friendly production processes, and artisanal craftsmanship.

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Fashion Editorial: “Organic”

With autumn comes a time of harvest and of gratitude. This editorial delights in all colours and textures found in nature. As we move through the seasons, we are graced by the mystery of the living world.

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The Ethical Imperative Of High Quality: Q+A with R.EH

At Lissome, we strongly believe in the importance of high quality, both in terms of the design and also of the making of garments or any other products. When we use resources we should do so with careful consideration. It is in this train of thought that designer Eliza Helmerich of Berlin-based clothing label R.EH set up her own brand. The former fashion graduate of the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London deliberately decided to swim against the current stream of trend-based design and planned obsolescence and to work in a conscious and holistic way.

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