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Our Gift Guide For Christmas

Christmas Gift guide
With this year’s Christmas Gift Guide, we are praising all that nourishes our bodies, minds, and souls. We’ve selected some of our favourite mindfully-made gifts from the LISSOME/Store – from the highest quality alpaca knits to show-stopping jewellery and elegantly crafted veg-tan leather goods – and mixed them up with some further cream of the crop experiences and beauty treats.
Each gift has been carefully chosen, is limited in nature, and the antipode of fast consumption. And it follows at least two of Lissome’s sustainability guidelines: high-quality, local manufacturing, fair working conditions, sustainable and healthy materials, eco-friendly production processes, and artisanal craftsmanship. We would like to inspire you to invest in items that truly light up your day (and years to come) and that you look forward to cherishing and having around you.
We wish you a Christmas season filled with love! 
Christmas Gift guide


Gift Ideas / Image 1:
1. Skandihus Ceramics, plates from £31
For ceramics, I love to visit the studio of dear friend Stine Dulong who has the beautiful ceramic brand Skandihus. I love it so much that I even joined her ceramic course, so I can start making some Re//Store table ware in the future. Until then I’ll collect her beautiful work. I love stacks of her plates, bowls and those gorgeous oval side plates. Swoon. (MM)

2. Neroli & Petitgrain Body Soap by Austin Austin, 300ml for £14
Initially, it was the gorgeous illustrations that drew me to Austin Austin’s products. It is as much a delight to have the Neroli & Petitgrain Body Soap as an eye-catcher in my bathroom as it is to use it in my shower routine: The certified organic and vegan soap is soothing and smells wonderfully warm of cedar wood, neroli and a hint of citrus fruits.

3. Long Sleeve Caramel Weightless Blouse by KM by Lange for €109
This luxurious silk blouse has a loose yet feminine shape and was handcrafted by an independent workshop of three highly skilled seamstresses in Vinnitsa, Ukraine – the small town where KM by Lange designer Kati Lanhe was born. 

Gift Ideas / Image 2:
4. Padded Body Donna by Opaak for €195
The little black dress of the Opaak collection, padded body Donna provides perfect shape throughout the entire silhouette.

5. Nekelim Earrings by Elizabeth Leflar for €142
The organic curves of the Nekelim Earrings speak of the grace of the ocean, the pieces are handcrafted from brass. All Elizabeth Leflar jewellery is carefully crafted in house by the Berlin-based designer with a strong focus on local and sustainable practice.

6. Facial and Body Treatments at MDC Cosmetics Berlin
When the days get colder and darker, nothing feels more soothing to me than a message or a facial. A treatment at MDC Cosmetics Berlin creates well-being for all senses: From the beautiful interior design of the space, to the subtle and calming music filling in the air, to the warm care of the therapists. A gift that I would happily receive every Christmas.

7. Natural Orange Wine ‘Bianco Pradarolo 2008’ for £17
Personally I love ‘orange’ wine, a process where the skins of the grape macerate with the juice creating a deep orange hue. This wine is a bit more controversial as it is definitely not comparable to a conventional wine. It is very much ‘alive’ and I love that each bottle is unique, made with love, letting the grape do its thing. There is a great offering of amazing natural wine bars in London and more are popping up in Amsterdam and  Berlin. In case you don’t live near one of these places of magic, fear not, there are some amazing online stores where one can fulfil their needs. I have listed a few of my favourite “bottle shops” and picked a few wines per shop for your tasting! (MM)
In the UK:, in Holland:, in Germany:

8. Natural Skin Care Discovery Set by Alex Carro for €79
The ‘Discover Set’ by Alex Carro is a perfect introduction to the sophisticated Barcelona-based natural skincare brand. Containing the brand’s capsule collection in travel size, it comes in an elegantly understated yet robust jacron paper wash bag. 


Christmas Gift guide


Gift Ideas / Image 3:
9. Bergamotte & Kardamom Body Lotion by DERMA ID for €64
If you have sensitive and dry skin like me, you will enjoy this soothing body lotion. It delivers plentiful moisture and I enjoy how soft and smooth it makes my skin feel.

10. Cast Iron Pan by Mamosan Shop for £25
I also love looking at the selection in Momosan, her curations skills are impeccable. You can’t beat Cast Iron pans. This is a Swedish classic I love. (MM)

11. The Wild Dyer. A Guide to Natural Dyes & the Art of Patchwork & Stitch by Abigail Booth for £17
The Wild Dyer by Abigail Booth is published by Kyle Books. Photography by Dean Hearne. 
This precious book is a perfect start into the world of natural dyes. Guided by beautiful photographs, Abigail Booth, co-founder of Forest + Found, shows us how to find dying materials in our own local surroundings and teaches us how to turn the naturally dyed fabrics into simple and treasured textiles for the home. Such a gem!

12. Unisex Claude Cardigan in Blue or Red by L’Envers for €210
Inspired by the French military ribbed sweater, this cardigan is revisited with a fine Merino yarn. It comes in 3 timeless colours – blue, camel and red. Every piece is knitted with love by a small workshop in Castilla y Léon in a limited and numbered edition. 


Christmas Gift guide


Gift Ideas / Image 4:
13. Jasmine Oil by LA-EVA, 200 ml for £65
This certified jasmine flower oil by LA-EVA smells wonderfully delicious and I am using it not only for my body and the tips of my hair but I also mix a drop into my regular skin cream to make it richer for winter. 

14. Chez Zen Holistic Retreat
Since a dear friend of mine returned from her Yoga retreat in the French Gascogne countryside, radiating with positive energy, I have been longing to visit Che Zen myself. 

15. Plant-based Dinner Experience at Essence Cuisine
Food wise, I love London’s new plant-based addition of Essence Cuisine, with Matthew Kenney as the brains behind it. The food is unsurprisingly highly palatable, I am totally hooked. Highly recommended for a special occasion dinner treat. (MM)

16. Unisex Bauhaus I Baby Alpaca Sweater by R.EH for €249
With a subtle now to the Bauhaus, Berlin-based and Central Saint Martins trained knitwear brand R.EH creates ultra-soft, functional and high-quality Alpaca jumpers. A real classic that lasts a lifetime.

17. The Caroline Tote by HYDE WARES for € 215
Jonathan Hyde, the designer and maker behind Hyde Wares, discovered the art of leather crafting in Portugal. His brands represents an integrity and simplicity to production, from the sourcing of his vegetable tanned leathers to the designs and construction. With The Caroline Tote, he managed to craft the perfect tote.


Christmas Gift guide
Gift Ideas / Image 5:

18. The Moon Juice Cookbook for €25
I am currently obsessed with the Moonjuice Cookbook… My kitchen has been in a constant state of humming of dehydrator, and whizzing of nuts and juice pulp since opening its first page. (MM)

19. Nordic Berries Shampoo by URTEKRAM, 250 ml for €6.95
URTEKRAM products come from Denmark and are an old friend of mine. Back in the early 90’s, I used to buy the beautifully illustrated bottles at my local tiny ‘eco’ shop in the high North of Germany. The designs have become sleeker (and a bit less charming) but their Nordic Berries Shampoo is one of the few natural shampoos that my fine hair appreciates. Perfect as a stocking filler!

20. Oversize Hand-spun & Hand-woven Scarf Nyima by KAL for €159
This beauty of a scarf is the perfect winter warmer – oversize, cosy, and entirely handmade by skillfull artisans from 100% soft lambswool.

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