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Hyde Wares was born from an urge to slow down, to design and make a range of leather items that would stand the test of time and grow with the owner. Jonathan Hyde, the designer and maker behind Hyde Wares, was tired of buying and replacing items that were made cheaply and dishonestly. After studying Architecture, managing a cinema and pursuing a career in photography, he moved to Portugal and discovered the art of leather crafting. Hyde Wares represents an integrity and simplicity to production; from the sourcing of materials to the design and construction. All leathers are vegetable-tanned. Only natural materials such as fruits, leaves, and husks are used to dye the leather, after which, each hide is hung for several weeks. Hyde Wares are designed and made to last, not to be handled delicately but with passion and conviction. Leather responds well to being used regularly, nourished by the elements and travel.

Hyde Wares

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