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Founded in 2015 by Julie Charvet, l’Envers is about outliving seasonal trends and offers a durable and lasting collection focusing on quality over quantity. Unlike seasonal lines with continuous release of new products with a short lifespan, l’Envers is a voice against the  "quickly made, quickly consumed soon forgotten" fashion model. We deliberately focus on luxury essentials that are simple, useful, designed to last, respectful of the people and the environment. Our high-quality and eco-friendly raw materials are wisely and carefully sourced with our yarn French mill. We collaborate with high skilled artisans in Portugal and Spain who knit our pieces with love in a limited edition and give great considerations to how all pieces are being made with high-quality cuts and finishes so they stand the test of time.
LISSOME Sustainability Guidelines: 
Ethical + Fair / Sustainable Materials / Eco-friendly Production / Local / Handcrafted
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