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Our Story + Ethos


In the last years, many of us have become increasingly aware of the destructive impact of the fast fashion industry on nature, animals, and our fellow humans. And that’s why we’ve created LISSOME – to sketch out a new vision for the future, one that is mindful and inspired by beauty, diversity, and creativity. New visions for living in balance with our planet exist, and it’s high time to make them spread. We see it as our mission to give visibility and a voice to a new generation of fashion brands that are equally design- and eco-conscious and to share their stories, products, and ideas. 
Why Weve Created LISSOME
With Lissome, weve started to build both an online platform that consists of The Lissome Magazine and the Lissome/Store and a real-life community. Through hosting a variety of regular events such as panel discussions, talks, pro-action cafés and fashion pop-ups, weve witnessed how powerful it is to bring together people who share a common passion. People who formerly worked in silos now know each other and can collaborate. Our dream is to connect emerging fashion pioneers with each other and to help foster a movement.
The Future Of Fashion Is Mindful
We are convinced that a social and technological transformation is essential and that slowing down consumption must be part of it. What captures our imagination is the opportunities that this transformation holds: We could make planned obsolescence obsolete. We could produce profoundly less but profoundly better. In the future, all goods could be designed to be well-functioning and handsome objects of desire that are long-lasting, easily repairable, non-toxic, and recyclable. We could establish a worldwide industrial system that enhances biodiversity and is integrated with the Earth’s ecology. And we could seek to better all people’s lives by focusing on distributing goods and resources fairly. It might sound utopian, but we think that these are some of the big ideas that we should get together and talk about. For a systemic change to succeed, we need more creativity, innovation and daring beauty. Designers must play a key role, and the fashion industry could become a harbinger of that change. 
About Dörte

Dörte Lange started to manifest the idea of LISSOME in March 2016 by launching an online magazine and extended it as an online concept store on June 2017. In her previous career as an art director and communication designer for boutique design agencies in Berlin, Lisbon, and London, and for well-known publications such as ELLE Magazine and ELLE Decoration in Munich, she has been working in the arena of fashion and of fashion media for close to a decade. Dörte built LISSOME inspired by style as well as sustainability, based on the belief that the future of fashion must include social and environmental responsibility as a matter of course. 


P. S. Our friends of What's Your Legacy made this fun little film that gives you a glimpse into how Lissome's founder Dörte started her journey into mindful fashion from a houseboat on Regent's Canal in London: