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Handspun and Handwoven Eri Silk & Lambswool Scarf Lam in White
Handspun and Handwoven Eri Silk & Lambswool Scarf Lam in White


Handspun and Handwoven Eri Silk & Lambswool Scarf Lam in White

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lam (Ladakhi) - path

LISSOME Sustainability Guidelines: 
Ethical + Fair / Sustainable Materials / Eco-Friendly Production / Local / Handcrafted

Sustainability Guidelines

This scarf is hand-spun and hand-woven by our team member Vishwanath in Himachal Pradesh. It is woven with soft lambswool from our nomadic team in Changthang in Ladakh as well as fine eri silk from our team in Assam. The lambswool is taken once in a lifetime of a young sheep. It is extremely soft and warm, as the sheep live at an altitude between 4000m - 5000m. The eri silk is cultivated by Assamese tribal communities South West of Guwahati. It is also called peace silk as the moth has to leave the cocoon as it has to be empty before it can be processed.  

  • hand-spun and hand-woven
  • 70% eri silk from Assam
  • 30% lambswool from Ladakh
  • windproof and warm fabric, ideal for fall and winter
  • farming: 1 year 
  • spinning: 2 days
  • weaving: 2 days
  • woven in Himachal Pradesh

35cm x 180cm 

White. Also available in black and grey.

Clothes Care:
This product is entirely made by hand. Therefore, irregularities in the thickness of the yarn are characteristic to the craft of hand-spinning. Please hand wash only in cold or lukewarm water with mild detergent. 

we are KAL is a community of individuals who are all part of the creation of a product. We are farmers, spinners, weavers, nomads, designers, knitters and culture lovers who made it their goal to create meaningful products in harmony with nature and humanity. We exclude chemicals in our textiles as we believe that the quality of an entirely natural fiber cannot be improved by synthetic additives. This way, the environment, the maker and the wearer only experience the original properties of a fiber. With this approach, we can enable a lasting relation between ourselves and our earth.